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Vine Antennas ceased trading on 31 March 2016. We would like to thank our customers for their support over the past 22 years.


 Most of our stock was sold before we stopped trading. However one item remains unsold, brand new and in manufacturers cartons. It's still for sale at a HUGE saving over current pricing.

Ultrabeam UB-40MX antenna (3el all bands 30-6m, 2el on 40M) - visit

for details.  Price includes 50m control cable and connection box. Balance of manufacturers warranty has 3 years left. New price is nearly 4000. Our clearance price is just 2750.

Contact us via for a tremendous deal.

Still remaining - some connection leads for SPE Expert amplifiers, at only 25 each. Please send us an email with your needs.


GU74b - (November 2016). We are now finding real difficulty finding good tubes. For now we are not able to take any further orders for them.